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The hospo software
with more to offer.

Streamline your food business and boost your profit with one tool.

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One tool.
Hundreds of tasks. 
Better profit.

Intuitive revenue forecasting

Understand your most likely future any time. Viability constantly recalculates revenue, labour costs, and purchasing expense so you've got up-to-minute financial guidance. 

Real-time breakeven point analysis.

Rolling projections for smart benchmarking.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Revenue Forecating

Versatile team scheduling

Manage your team from where ever you are and work smarter, not harder. 

Easy rosters via mobile app, sms or email.

Live, segmented labour benchmarking. 

True cost labour calculations including WorkCover, Superannuation, leave accrual, penalties and overtime. 

Team Management
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Productivity mapping

Use unique productivity heat mapping to understand how your team is working at any moment in the day.

Live productivity measures.

Comparison mapping.

One-glance colour maps plus deep data.

Productivity Mapping

Created by hospo, for hospo

Insights made for you,
not your accountant.

Instantly get the data that's relevant to you, in a format that's super easy to interpret and put into action. 

Understand true

At the end of a bloody hard day, knowing whether you made good bank makes all the difference. 

Data-driven decisions
for proactive business

Data takes the guesswork out of decision-making, so you can make tomorrow amazing, today. 

Instant, accurate payroll process

Generate timesheets instantly, straight from your roster. Less room for error, more time for everything else.

Faster, more precise timesheets. 

Integrate with Xero for instant processing.

Track and verify shifts with the Viability TimeTracker App.

Integrate with Xero for instant processing.

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Payroll Automation
Budget Management

Budgeting, ordering, management, verification

Accountability every step of the way with visibility from order to delivery. 

Send orders directly to the supplier.

Validate deliveries for high accountability.

The whole team knows what's happening.

Automated budgets help prevent overspending. 


Easy overheads management helps you understand the true cost of doing business, and how it impacts profit.

More realistic profit projections.

Accurate knowledge of fixed costs, instantly.

Take the stress out of managing fixed costs.

Overheads Management

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