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Profit-building AI
for hospo

The next generation of business intelligence in foodservice. Dashboard

Hundreds of tasks. 
One software.
Better profit. 

Connects instantly

Collects data

Applies forecasts

with POS & accounting

while you work

& analyses


Lights the path to

revenue forecast.png

Future-ready forecasts

Harness powerful machine learning algorithms with minute-to-minute recalculations. Predict the future to make the best decisions today.

Win tomorrow before it happens.

Automated real-time budget control.

Future break even analysis & holistic business insights.

Real-time data, actionable insight

Get down-to-the-minute accuracy on your cost and profit trajectory to know how each and every decision impacts profit, before you make it.

Control costs with responsive, automated budgeting.

Achieve the service level of your dreams with segmented labour heat mapping.

Integrate POS and accounting with your Viability system for live understanding.

Boost productivity  & work smarter 

Get market-first tools to hone in on productivity, improve service levels, bolster team morale and slash labour costs. 

Real-time data for fast-paced environments

Incentivise managers with actionable feedback and tools to help them smash your targets.

Measure productivity better, because smart business needs smarter metrics.

Integrate with the best to keep your finger on the pulse

Integrations with leading POS and accounting so you're always looking at the real-time truth about your profit.

Draft orders phone.png
Ordering phone.png

Get mobile and
never miss a beat

Your team downloads our Viability app direct to their phone, so they have everything they need in their pocket.

The tools teams need, from roster to orders.

Simple, clean & modern look for the ultimate user experience.

Teams manage their time better with open shifts to keep things running smoothly.

Trusted by Australian hospo pros

1.1 Cotto Cafe.jpg

After using Viability over four years, I’d say it’s a win-win investment. This software simply makes it easier to run a profitable business. Nothing else can give me the same depth of insight. My managers and team use Viability to keep targets on track. It gives me back management time, grows business and makes the teams more engaged with success. It’s worth the investment ten times over."

Frank Cecere |

Cotto Coffee House

3.1 White Picket Coffee House.jpg

"To say that Viability has changed not only my profitability but my life would be an understatement... I used to drown in hours and hours of data entry and excel spreadsheets every week.
Now, everything happens in the one spot, saving me so much time, and making me so much more efficient."

Anthony Pollina | 
White Picket Coffee House

5. Luigi Restaurant.jpg

"I literally have dashboard visibility to all the critical information I need to run a successful business and can make decisions based on facts, not guess work!" 

Luigi DeCostanzo |
Luigi Delicatessen


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