Rostering software 
that goes further

Harness our powerful machine learning algorithms to keep your teams happy, engaged, accountable and productive.


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Rosters that work harder for you

Build rosters that understand your business

Everything you need from a roster builder ... and more. 

Create or copy weekly rosters

Use live benchmarking

Work with true costs including Super and WorkCover

See how your staffing mix changes
your costs in real time

Create templates to save time

Publish updates fast

Edit shifts as they happen

Fast end-of-day roster confirmation

No more manual time sheets

Connect with Xero for 10 second payroll

View and print precise Payroll Summaries from any week in your history

Save time and money on bookkeeping

Sort out your finances faster 

Process payroll
instantly & accurately

Instantly send rosters to your team so they know the plan. 

Advanced productivity & cost saving tools

Map real-time productivity to staff smarter. 

Unique heat map shows live productivity measures

Segmented data for incredibly precise feedback 

Cut costs with a Roster Builder to optimise hours and boost efficiency

Faster management, less admin time 

Get more out of every hour by optimising workflows from ordering to payroll. 

Onboard new employees fast

Assign multiple position-based rates

Clearly allocate shift roles and positions


Record availability and leave requests

Instant onboarding with Xero integration

Easier employee management

Map real-time productivity

to staff smarter. 

Award compliance

Get it right with simple

classification system and 

The holistic solution
loved by hospo pros

Viability helps you manage your team and understand your own finances so you can make decisions with better info and ditch spreadsheets forever.

“To say that it has changed not only my profitability but my life would be an understatement ... ” ​

Anthony Pollina  |  White Picket Coffee House


Grow your business

Accountable teams

Keep your whole team accountable with everyone working in one place. See exactly what you need to, wherever you are. 

Smarter workflows

Streamlined workflows for rostering, ordering, product management, payroll processing, feedback, reporting and overheads ... in one simple software. 

Real-time benchmarking

Forget manual benchmarking and math. Let our smart algorithms do it for you to keep every minute of every day on track for success.

Better profit

Cut costs, improve productivity and get actionable feedback to improve your bottom line without the headaches. 


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